Website Management

Once your website has been designed and your data inserted, Vive can provide you with the CMS credentials for the site, this will allow you to update and add content to your website.

We also offer website management for all our busy clients. We can keep your website up to date with text, images, website features, website modifications and updates to current content within 24-48 hours of all requests.

Alternatively, we charge £30per hour for work spent on the site with one hour being the minimum rate we charge.

  • Add, edit, modify text
  • Add, edit, modify images
  • Website app/tools updates
  • 24/48 Hour Turnover

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Social Network Marketing (SMM)

  • 2 Social Networks/Blogs
  • Regular Tweeting
  • Facebook, Digg, Blogger Status updates
  • Intellegent External Blogging
  • FB Status updates
  • Twitter updates
  • Adding 100’s of new friend request for people who may have interest in service
  • Following people and encouraging new followers
  • Wall posting, noting friends, sending Direct messages to potential customers, Regular Image Tagging, related image uploading to generate more exposure and more.

Monthly Stats

Once your  website has been built. It is crucial to know the following:

  • How many people are visiting the site?
  • Where are users visiting from? London? South Africa? Birmingham?
  • Which page do they visit 1st?
  • Which page do they visit last?
  • How long do they spend on site?
  • How did they connect to site? Facebook? Twitter? Google? Yahoo?

Vive can provide you a Monthly comprehensive report which will provide you with all this information and strategic advice, modification of the website content and structure advice based on the report for £50/Month