Rules of good typography

• Insert only a single space after all punctuation.

• Use proper em and en dashes where appropriate.

• Use true quotation marks and apostrophes.

• Use a smaller point size for all-uppercase text.

• Add letterspacing to capitalized text and small caps.

• Use oldstyle figures when available and where appropriate.

• Use boldface text sparingly.

• Avoid using underlined text.

• The © (copyright), ® (registered trademark), and ™ (trademark)
characters almost always need to be reduced, sometimes by as
much as 50%, depending on the font.

• Use the true ellipsis character (…) rather than periods.

• Decrease the size of the ballot boxes.

• Consider using other characters beside bullets (•).

• Increase line spacing to improve readability in body text.

• Sans serif typefaces are often less legible than serif typefaces.

• You can probably set body text to a point size smaller than you think.rules of good typography


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