Get the Benefits of Social Media Marketing with us

Social Account creation be it Facbook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr and more.

We can manage the account for you. We choose online social networks which are best suited to your industry. Target the correct audience, generate more business traffic and increase brand awareness.

24 hour social Interactions

Interact with different audiences, at different times from different parts of the world with our strategic, targeted services. Every wondered the best time to tweet? The best time to upload a Facebook Picture, all these factors matter it reaching your desired results. Leave the work to us the professionals.

We manage all your Social Accounts

Need to generate New Business to a targeted audience?

Need to focus on other areas of your business?

Then leave you social Networking to us. We can increase your online social popularity immediately

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Stand out from the Crowd, Gain competitive edge, if you require a UK based company to manage your social Network get in contact with us today 0800 878 6032

Did you know that on some days Facebook gets more traffic than Google? Why not take advantage of this today.

Vive represent your company and tailor our services to fit your business requirements.

Account Creation Cost £50

Custom Graphics Design (Time Line image, Twitter background £50)

Social Network Market Research £250

Competition Campaigns

Group Discussions

Competitor Analysis

Social Media…not convinced?

Vive Designs Social Networking Service

Professional Social Media Marketing Service. Social Media Marketing can be very time consuming, posting comments, responding to enquires, providing up to date information and catching up with ever growing number of competitors can be all a bit much when also running a business.

Social media optimisation is a fine way of attracting visitors to your website and helps you increase maximum visibility and improve your search ranking. Research and Identify the Social Platforms that will complement your brand.

Create genuine profiles for better promotion
Increase your Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, Subscribers etc
Constantly adding new people on Social Media who are interested in your sector. Increases FB friends and Followers etc.
Respond to enquiries providing them with links to your website or private messages with email info for email contact, (We act like staff)
Interacting with other like minded services or potential clients
24 Hour Tweets, Status Updates, Open Updates about company or information on your sector
Constant Account Activity uploading Images, Post and links
Respond to all enquires like a staff member from your company
Encourage people to join your Facebook group, follow you on Twitter, add your fan page.

Social Media is a best opportunity to embed yourself, your brand, your business, or your product into the community of people who are probably to purchase or take interest in you or your brand. We post to media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, stumbleupon,, flickr, faves, technarati, reddit, myspace, slideshare, squidoo and many more.

We provide reports to show how your accounts are doing.
*** Please note Vive Designs DO NOT OFFER this service to any accounts or accounts with associations with anything Illegal, Unethical or Offensive.***