Ever asked yourself why people unfollow you on twitter or don’t follow you at all?
Here are the reasons:

1. Numerically you are just not socially “Cool” enough = No Follow
Low number of twitter followers makes one ask …“Nobody else is following you so why should I?” In the Twitter community Numbers speak Louder than words.

2. You live on Twitter = Unfollow
More than 4 tweets an hour? Timeline Clogger? Too many tweets in a short space of time relevant or not is an instant turn off.

3. Bio says something random like “I love Cheesecake!” = No Follow
Try putting something about your interest, something a little more constructive if you are trying to attract a particular audience.

4. Protected Tweets? …Really? = No Follow
Most people will just not bother ask.

5. Potential beg friend = No Follow
Sally is following 840 people and has 11 followers, …Sally needs to pause on her following pursuit and read through this blog.

6. Talking to yourself = Unfollow
Your tweet example = “Just finished the rest of my cheesecake yum!” Apart from a close friend who may reply with an “Lol”, unfortunately nobody else is interested. Try “Just finished the rest of my cheesecake yum! Here is my secret recipe”… Now that’s better.

7. No avatar or a scary avatar picture = No Follow
A smile goes a long way ☺

And quickly a few more No No’s, Fanatical Celebrity Pursuit…Retweeting everything Kim Kardashian says and having one way conversations with her is a bit creepy.


Offensive topics and language.

  • You didn’t share the love and follow back.

  • 24 hour selling machine! Relax… Talk about cheesecake once in a while.

We found ourselves guilty of some of these, im sure we can all pick up something good luck

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