Are you asking the question are Enter pages ok for my website? Well they make look pretty but not so good for your website ranking.

An enter page, also referred to as a splash page, is an image or flash based webpage that is used to serve as a welcome page to a site.  In today’s Internet oriented world, presence and visibility matters the most for anyone using the Internet. Ultimately, there are several factors that may lead to you failing to capture the kind of attention you wish to get; and using an enter page is one of those factors.

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Enter pages usually come in the form of an image welcoming visitors to the site. Other intro pages are created using flash technology. There are several problems that come with the use of an enter page on any website, understanding some of this issues is essential to you considering the creation of a website.


Proper SEO is one of the key aspects to get better ranking on search engines. The use of enter pages as the home page of your website is one thing you should consider avoiding at all costs. Basically, SEO employs the use of links to calculate a site’s rank. These links usually value you through the content you have to offer; however, if your home or intro page is an image, or flash content, you basically devalue your links and lower your page ranking.

Another problem that these enter pages present to Search Engine Optimization is that they are not often refreshed. Search engines usually look for, and index sites that often provide fresh content. Having an enter page as your home page may lead to search engines thinking that your site is not relevant and provides minimal information and content.  This will most probably lead to your website getting lower ranking because your pages get slower indexing.

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